To date I have specialised in projects that document people and the built environment and the interaction between the two. This remains and cornerstone of my work.  Increasingly I am interested how we navigate or deal with the various worlds we are in. This kind of work requires developing authentic connections with the people and places involved and I think ultimately deliver stronger work.

Commissioned projects will often begin with an original idea that I develop and present to a client; other times the client is the initiator. Among many significant projects over many years of work, a few stand out.


The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children project enabled me to following the experiences of patients in this century old facility prior to its closure and relocation. I was able to document interactions between the children, their parents and the staff and go on and show that anxious journey of children’s health care.


For Harbourings, a Museum Of Sydney exhibition, I photographed seven large-scale industrial sites on Sydney Harbour. The challenge was in capturing the many evolutions of Sydney Harbour’s industrial past: from working harbour to visual blight, to being recognised as a man-made sculptural addition to the landscape with its own value and beauty.


The aim of Our City Our Games was to observe and record Sydney’s transformation to an Olympic City. My proposal to document the city and its people during the brief period of intense world focus was accepted by City of Sydney. Working with historian Michelle Arrow, I photographed people using the city in these extraordinary circumstances, fascinated by the humorous, unusual and inventive things that people did at this time. The City mounted a large exhibition of these photographs to mark the first anniversary of the Games.


Not long after violence and devastation had torn East Timor apart, I was commissioned by UNHCR as a photographer, to follow refugees who had fled to Australia and then follow a particular family group back to their home in Dili. Over the next two and a half years I returned several times to Timor Leste as a photographer, cultural researcher and public information officer for UNHCR and others. The generosity of the participants and the time taken enabled unique insights and perspectives as well as documenting the regeneration of a war torn country and new nation slowly burgeoning.


This website is beginning of a roll out of some of the work I have done over a number of years.