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Liz Cotter


We all live on the Event Horizon.

The late Paul Virilio argued that we are currently living in an age of chronoscopic time, a time defined by the disruptive immediacy and acceleration of the image cycle. In response to this concept my studio work incorporates a mixed media installation of original, found and constructed footage. The installation incorporates sound, multi-channel video and photographic stills. The work considers this visual and temporal dissonance that Virilio described. It is intended to be an immersive encounter with the shrinking horizons we all confront in light of the natural and human induced disasters that are, increasingly, becoming our daily experience.


Using the Event Horizon as a metaphor to further extend my visual art practice, Flow: Daily Life on the Event Horizon explores the frailty of human existence through the prism of my own lived experience of an advanced Cancer diagnosis, one that has afforded me particular clarity or viewpoint from which to consider the world, a view of life from my own Event Horizon.


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